Alcohol and your safety – whats the flipside

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A drink with friends and family on that special occasion can be one of lifes great pleasures. ‘A good few drinks’ has helped many a celebration go with a bang.

But as with many good things theres a flipside. Alcohol changes behavior. Although alcohol related violent crime in Bolton has been falling in recent years, alcohol related sexual offences rose between 2005 and 2009. Many think that the town centre is a dangerous place to visit in the evening.

Are you drinking anywhere near the recommended limits? 21 men, 14 women. Measure how many units you drink this alcohol awareness week.

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How many units will you drink this awareness week – use our FREE mobile measurement tool to find out.

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Alcohol awareness week 2011 – 14th Nov to 20th Nov

How many units will you drink this awareness week

Visit our Boozetalk website and use our measurement tool on your PC to help you track how much you are drinking, set targets and keep an eye on your progress.

By setting targets you have a much better chance of succeeding if you decide you want to cut down your drinking.

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